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Hi! I'm Kim

Great food and wine are best when shared. Even better, when it’s shared with someone you love.

My gorgeous hubby is my greatest supporter and admirer, and my number one taste tester. In our kitchen there’s always something delicious in the oven or bubbling on the stove, filling our home with mouth-watering aromas.

I’m one of those lucky people who always knew what I was born to do. Creating delicious food has been my passion since childhood.

I’ve trained and worked as a chef, owned a fine-dining restaurant (and picked up a few awards along the way, thanks!), and now I enjoy designing recipes, food-styling, and food photography.

Most of the time I specialise in creating recipes for two, but I also love dinner parties (who doesn’t?).

I believe food should be delicious but not over-complicated and, most of all, it should be fun. I hope I can help you discover (or re-discover) the joy of cooking at home. 

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One of my favourite quotes ...

"People who love to eat are the best people - Julia Child"

Red Wine and Cheese

100% Powered by Food and Wine

Catching up with friends or family is what life is all about, but eating delicious food and drinking scrumptious wine transforms a gathering … into an occasion.

Whether I’m celebrating or commiserating, the golden rules are keep it tasteful, keep it real, and keep it coming!

Lover of Furry Animals

This is Chico. He is my ever-loving Birman, who acts a bit like a dog and a miniature cow blended all together. He is totally obsessed with me and he just wants to snuggle all day long. No, I mean … literally!

My other cat is Chi Chi – a Persian Tabby who is sometimes a bit grumpy (especially if she doesn’t get enough sleep). She is also camera shy and she refused to be featured here (sad face). 



Must Have Flowers Everywhere

Flowers are nature’s way of celebrating life – and mine too! As the saying goes, “Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today.” Enjoying flowers is definitely one of those things. 

Beautiful flowers are like art that changes every day. Buy them, grow them, and give them to your friends – but don’t forget to treat yourself too! xx

A Few of My
Favourite Things

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Take My Money
Double Shot Latte
My Soul Craves
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Wine Is A Essential Nutrient
Secret Talent
Champagne Induced Singing
Alternate Title
Dinner Party Guru

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