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How To Temper Chocolate

How To Temper Chocolate

There are different methods for tempering chocolate and I prefer this method. Some tempering chocolate methods are a bit complicated, and some are really messy. This method uses a thermometer and it’s best to use a dark chocolate that is no higher than 70% in cocoa solids. 

Three simple steps on how to temper chocolate perfectly every time,  just melt, cool and reheat. All you need is an accurate chocolate thermometer, or a good digital thermometer.

Tempering Chocolate

1. Melt 2/3 chopped dark chocolate in a clean, dry bowl set over simmering water, to about 45°-50°C.

2. Place remaining 1/3 chopped chocolate into the melted chocolate, this is called  ‘seeding’ the melted chocolate, while cooling, stir frequently until temperature reaches 27°C. 

3. Then place the bowl of chocolate back over a saucepan of barely simmering water for a few seconds, stirring it, then removing it from the heat, and checking the temperature until it reaches 31°-32°C, this is the perfect temper.

**Don’t let the melted chocolate rise above 32°C or you’ll have to begin the process all over again.

4. Spread a small spoonful of chocolate on a piece of wax paper. If it looks dull or streaky, re-temper the chocolate. If it dries quickly with a glossy finish and no streaks, the chocolate is in temper. Once melted chocolate has been tempered, it must be used before it cools and sets.

Tempering Chocolate Guide


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