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Hi, my name is Kim Boyan. I’m a qualified chef, award winning restaurateur, recipe developer, food photographer, and stylist. Put simply, I am obsessed with food, and anything surrounding it. Nothing makes me happier than cooking and sharing delicious food and wine with family and friends.

I have loved cooking since I was a child and I remember many happy times picking fruit and vegetables from my grandparents garden. I was always in the kitchen with Nanna and I remember the delicious food we enjoyed was like an anchor for our family, who gathered around the table to laugh, celebrate and share.

My food journey began when I started my apprenticeship as a chef at a local restaurant at sixteen. I immediately knew that this was where I was meant to be. Once I became a Qualified Chef, I spent several years working in the industry and then moved into restaurant management and sales and marketing positions. I enjoyed meeting people and learning all the managerial aspects of the hospitality industry.

In 2002 I had the opportunity to design my restaurant “ishh” located in the beach-side town of Sawtell on the Mid-North Coast of New South Wales, Australia. We specialized in Mediterranean and Middle Eastern Cuisine. After opening in December 2002, we quickly became recognized by restaurant enthusiasts and won several Awards for Excellence from Restaurant & Catering, New South Wales.

Restaurant & Catering Award

Restaurant & Catering Award










We won several industry awards which included:

Winner – Best New Restaurant – Restaurant & Catering Awards 2003     

Winner – Best Specialty Cuisine – Restaurant & Catering Awards 2004

Finalist – National Restaurant Awards – Restaurant & Catering 2004

Also Featured  in the Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Guide 2003 & 2004 Publications

As fate would have it, I later sold my restaurant and moved to the Gold Coast to be with (and marry) my husband and begin a new journey.  I just love a challenge, with my passion for food and my love for cookbooks, I began creating recipes for my first cookbook and Temptation For Food began. By far this is enjoyable work, it covers everything I need in my life, cooking, creating, photography and sharing delicious food with the people I love. One day I hope to be a published cookbook author and continue to teach people to be inspired to cook an impressive dinner at home for someone they love.

I can be reached via the contact form on this website if you have any questions or inquiries.


Here you’ll find delicious restaurant quality dinner recipes for two. Plus delicious appetizers if you love to entertain with family and friends.

Every original recipe is designed to blend amazing combinations of flavours and textures. With simple foolproof instructions, and detailed presentation tips, you’ll be sure to impress and inspire the special people in your life.

Thank you for visiting and happy cooking!

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